Pokémon GO

Price: Free
Version: 0.273.3
Author: Niantic, Inc.



Niantic, Inc.



Pokémon GO continues to evolve with new Pokémon, features, and events. Recent updates include improved augmented reality, enhanced trainer battles, and collaborative raid encounters, providing an immersive experience for players.


Pokémon GO is an augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic. Players explore the real world to catch, train, and battle Pokémon using their smartphones. The game uses location-based technology to spawn Pokémon in different areas, encouraging players to explore their surroundings. Pokémon GO offers a wide variety of Pokémon from different generations, evolving and powering them up to create a strong team.

The game also features Gym battles, Raid battles, and social gameplay elements like trading and friendship. Since its launch in 2016, Pokémon GO has amassed a massive following, bridging the gap between the virtual and real world.


  • Pokémon catching: Encounter and catch Pokémon in the real world using augmented reality, and build a diverse collection of creatures with unique abilities.
  • Gym battles: Challenge and defend Gyms to claim territories and earn rewards, showcasing your strongest Pokémon in strategic battles against other trainers.
  • Raid battles: Join forces with other trainers to take on powerful Raid Bosses, earning rare rewards and a chance to catch legendary Pokémon.
  • Trainer battles: Battle against friends and other trainers in real-time, testing your Pokémon’s skills and strategy in head-to-head combat.
  • Field Research and Special Research: Complete research tasks assigned by Professor Willow to earn rewards, encounter rare Pokémon, and progress in story-driven quests.
  • Trading and gifting: Trade Pokémon with friends to expand your collection and send gifts containing useful items to increase friendship levels.
  • Community events: Participate in community-driven events like Pokémon GO Fest and Safari Zones, featuring exclusive Pokémon spawns, challenges, and rewards.


  1. Is Pokémon GO free to play?
    Yes, Pokémon GO is free to download and play, with optional in-app purchases for additional items and convenience.
  2. Can I play Pokémon GO without walking?
    Walking is an integral part of the game, but features like Incense and Adventure Sync can help in capturing Pokémon and hatching eggs.
  3. Are all Pokémon available in Pokémon GO?
    Not all Pokémon are available at once, but Niantic regularly releases new Pokémon and holds events to introduce rare and legendary Pokémon.
  4. Can I play Pokémon GO offline?
    Pokémon GO requires an internet connection to play as it utilizes real-time location data and online features.
  5. Is Pokémon GO safe?
    Pokémon GO encourages players to be aware of their surroundings and play safely. Niantic provides safety guidelines and features to promote responsible gameplay.



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