Picsart AI Photo Editor

Price: Free
Version: 22.5.10
Author: PicsArt, Inc.



PicsArt, Inc.



Picsart AI Photo Editor continues to impress with its advanced AI-powered tools, allowing users to enhance and transform their photos with ease and creativity.


Picsart AI Photo Editor is a feature-rich photo editing app that leverages artificial intelligence to provide users with powerful and intuitive editing tools. With its extensive collection of filters, effects, and AI-powered features, users can enhance, transform, and create stunning images effortlessly. The app offers tools like background eraser, beautify, collage maker, and artistic filters, enabling users to unleash their creativity and produce professional-looking photos. Picsart AI Photo Editor also boasts a vibrant community where users can share their creations, discover inspiring content, and participate in challenges. It remains a popular choice for both casual photo enthusiasts and professional photographers.


  • AI-powered Tools: Access a range of intelligent editing tools, including AI background eraser, beautify, and artistic filters for stunning photo enhancements.
  • Background Eraser: Effortlessly remove unwanted backgrounds from your photos, allowing you to create captivating edits and seamless collages.
  • Beautify: Enhance your portraits with AI-based beautification tools, enabling you to retouch and refine your selfies for a flawless look.
  • Collage Maker: Create impressive photo collages using a variety of layouts, backgrounds, and stickers, perfect for showcasing multiple images in one frame.
  • Artistic Filters: Apply artistic filters inspired by various art styles, such as watercolor, sketch, oil painting, and more, to transform your photos into unique artworks.
  • Double Exposure: Combine two or more images using the double exposure feature, resulting in stunning and surreal compositions.
  • Vibrant Community: Share your creations, discover inspiring content, and engage with a vibrant community of photo enthusiasts through challenges and social features.


  1. Is Picsart AI Photo Editor available for both Android and iOS?
    Yes, Picsart AI Photo Editor is available for download on both Android and iOS devices.
  2. Does Picsart AI Photo Editor offer free features?
    Picsart AI Photo Editor provides both free and premium features, allowing users to enjoy a wide range of editing tools without a subscription.
  3. Can I access my edited photos offline?
    Once you’ve edited your photos in Picsart AI Photo Editor, you can save them to your device and access them offline.
  4. Can I collaborate with other users on editing projects?
    Yes, Picsart AI Photo Editor offers collaboration features, allowing users to work together on editing projects and create collective works.
  5. Are there any tutorials or guides available for using Picsart AI Photo Editor?
    Picsart AI Photo Editor provides tutorials, tips, and guides within the app to help users make the most of its features and editing capabilities.



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