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Mi Fitness, the fitness platform by Xiaomi, continues to expand its offerings with new workout programs, health tracking features, and integrations, empowering users in their fitness journey.


Mi Fitness is a comprehensive fitness platform developed by Xiaomi, offering a range of features to support users in achieving their health and fitness goals. The platform provides workout programs, including cardio, strength training, and yoga, catering to users of all fitness levels. With built-in health tracking features, users can monitor their steps, heart rate, sleep, and other vital metrics. Mi Fitness also offers personalized recommendations, nutrition guidance, and integration with smart devices for seamless tracking. The platform’s user-friendly interface and regular updates aim to provide an engaging and effective fitness experience for Xiaomi users worldwide.


  • Workout Programs: Access a variety of workout programs, including cardio, strength training, and yoga, designed to cater to different fitness goals.
  • Health Tracking: Monitor your steps, heart rate, sleep quality, and more, utilizing the built-in health tracking features of Mi Fitness.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Receive tailored workout and nutrition recommendations based on your goals, preferences, and health data.
  • Nutrition Guidance: Get access to nutrition tips, meal plans, and guidance to support a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Smart Device Integration: Seamlessly sync and track your fitness data with compatible Xiaomi devices and other smart accessories.
  • Challenges and Rewards: Engage in fitness challenges, earn rewards, and compete with friends and other users to stay motivated.
  • Regular Updates: Benefit from regular updates, new workout programs, and features to enhance the Mi Fitness platform and user experience.


  1. Is Mi Fitness compatible with Xiaomi smartphones only?
    Mi Fitness is primarily developed for Xiaomi users, but it may also be compatible with select Android and iOS devices.
  2. Can I track my workouts without owning a Xiaomi device?
    Mi Fitness can track basic workouts without a Xiaomi device, but owning one allows for more seamless integration and additional features.
  3. Does Mi Fitness offer guided workout videos?
    Yes, Mi Fitness provides guided workout videos for various exercises and workout programs to assist users in proper form and execution.
  4. Can I connect other fitness apps or devices to Mi Fitness?
    Mi Fitness offers integration with select fitness apps and devices, allowing you to sync and track your data across platforms.
  5. Does Mi Fitness have a community or social features?
    Mi Fitness may offer community features, allowing users to connect, share progress, and participate in challenges with fellow fitness enthusiasts.



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