Clash Royale

Price: Free
Version: 3.3314.2
Author: Supercell






Clash Royale continues to dominate with exciting updates. Recent additions include new cards, game modes, and balance changes, keeping the intense tower-defense battles fresh and engaging.


Clash Royale is a real-time multiplayer strategy game developed by Supercell. Players collect and upgrade cards representing various troops, spells, and defenses from the Clash of Clans universe. In intense three-minute battles, players deploy their cards strategically to destroy their opponent’s towers while defending their own. Winning battles rewards players with chests, which contain more cards and resources for progression. Players can join clans, participate in clan wars, and engage in friendly battles. Clash Royale combines strategy, skill, and quick decision-making, making it a highly competitive and addictive mobile gaming experience.


  • Real-time multiplayer battles: Engage in intense 1-vs-1 or 2-vs-2 battles against players worldwide, testing your strategy and card-playing skills.
  • Card collection and upgrades: Collect and upgrade a variety of troops, spells, and defenses to build a powerful deck for battle.
  • Clan system: Join or create a clan, donate cards, chat with clan members, and participate in clan wars for rewards and cooperation.
  • Tournament challenges: Compete in special tournaments with unique rules and restrictions, aiming for high ranks and exclusive rewards.
  • Crown chests and rewards: Earn chests by winning battles, which contain cards, gold, and other resources to progress and strengthen your deck.
  • Special events and seasons: Participate in limited-time events and seasonal challenges, offering exclusive rewards and opportunities for progression.
  • Global leaderboards: Climb the global and local leaderboards, showcasing your skills and ranking among the top players in the game.


  1. Is Clash Royale free to play? Clash Royale is free to download and play, with optional in-app purchases for in-game currency and cosmetic items.
  2. Can I play Clash Royale offline? Clash Royale requires an internet connection to play, as it features real-time multiplayer battles and social interactions.
  3. How does matchmaking work? Matchmaking is based on trophies, which represent your skill level. Players are matched against opponents with similar trophy counts.
  4. Can I play Clash Royale on multiple devices? Yes, you can play Clash Royale on multiple devices by linking your game progress to a Supercell ID or Google Play account.
  5. How often are balance changes made? Supercell regularly releases balance changes to ensure fair gameplay and maintain the game’s competitive environment, addressing overpowered or underused cards.



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